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PSiO glasses are a unique « all-in-one » concept combining simultaneously audio recordings with light therapy.

The concept offers stress management and recovery without requiring costly or unavailable human resources. PSiO glasses are not meant to replace human intervention, but rather, complement it while offering the possibility of repetitive and cost effective actions.

2. Mode of action

PSiO glasses act in synergy thru voice or music guides combined to pulsed or continuous light stimulations.

3. Effects

Immediate relaxing effect (stopping of mental rumination and, depending on wavelength, rapid recovery or deep relaxation).

  1. Relaxing effect on stress-related disorders
  2. Recovery effect

Top : before PSiO action. Bottom : after 10 minutes of PSiO action. Alpha waves (red) are associated with relaxation :

3. Use

The four points of the PSiO user charter

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